Get ready to experience life in the United States

There are a lot of things to think about when you are coming to the United States. In the days and months after you arrive, you will have to learn to adjust to a new way of life. This can help you to fit in better and to be able to live a normal life. As you work to adjust to life here, there are some points that you can remember. These might help you prepare for what is to come. Emotional stages You will go through various emotional stages when you first get here. The first stage is known as the honeymoon phase. During this phase, everything seems wonderful. You are ready to get out and enjoy the new sights that you can see and experience new things. Eventually, something negative is likely to happen. When this does occur, you might feel hostility about the situation. This phase isn’t going to last very long in most cases; however, it can be very difficult to deal with since it is usually the end of the honeymoon phase. The third phase that you might go through is the humor phase. This is when you really start to settle into life here. You are able to relax a bit more and things that once frustrated you might now seem a bit humorous. The fourth phase is called the home phase, which is when you truly start to feel like you are home. You might notice bouts of homesickness for your former country during this phase, but they are usually manageable and easy to overcome. Dealing with money One big fact of life in the U.S. is that you need to be able to support yourself. The monetary system relies heavily on banks and a card system. People do use cash a lot, but it can be very tempting to spend the cash if you always have it on you. Instead, you can put money in a bank account and spend from that account. Typically, a bank account will either be a checking account or a savings account. You might get paper checks, but be aware that not all places accept those. You might also get a debit card that allows you to take money out of the ATM or spend money at merchants that accept the type of card you have. Preparing to support yourself and to adjust to your new life might help you to enjoy this portion of your journey.

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