Why workplace harassment of immigrants can be illegal

You worked hard to get your U.S. citizenship or your green card. Maybe you’re in the U.S. on a visa granted because of your professional experience or skills. However, some of your colleagues and maybe even your manager don’t seem to see you as anything but a “foreigner.” “National origin” is a protected class for […]

What should you expect in immigration court?

If you have to go to immigration court because of a problem with your visa, committing a crime or some other reason, you should know what to expect. You will be meeting an immigration judge, so you’ll want to have an immigration attorney on your team. Immigration courts are specialized, because they only handle removal […]

Undocumented workers can still file discrimination claims

If you’re an undocumented worker, you may think that you cannot do anything about discrimination or harassment on the job. If coworkers make jokes at your expense, if you face sexual harassment and advances from a boss or if you are discriminated against in any other way, it’s natural to assume that you just have […]

The positive economic impact of immigrants 

Immigrants have always had a massive impact on the U.S. economy, and that continues into the present day. They’re a very important part of the workforce and often go overlooked, despite the value they provide. Let’s break down just a few ways that immigrants are a huge help to both national and local economies. Immigrants […]

Finally, some good news if you are from Venezuela

The last few years have been challenging if you are from Venezuela. You watched as your once-prosperous country descended into turmoil and poverty. Although you managed to get out, you probably left family members behind. To top it all, you have been living in uncertainty about your right to stay in the U.S. Fortunately, that […]

You can leave an abusive marriage without facing deportation

If you enter the United States through a family visa or a fiance visa, your status largely depends on your relationship with the citizen or lawful permanent resident that you married. Unfortunately, that power imbalance sometimes leads to an abusive situation. Whether your spouse has physically abused you, attempted to traffic you or sexually assaulted […]

Is a DUI conviction enough to lead to deportation?

Fortunately, a DUI itself is not a basis for deportation in the Immigration and Nationality Act. However, the circumstances under which you found yourself when the DUI occurred could. If it can be shown that you are not of good or moral character, then it is possible for you to be deported, but that’s not […]

Potential green card marriage questions

You know that your marriage is real. It’s not just a tactic to get a green card. You immigrated to the United States, fell in love with a native citizen, and decided to tie the knot. The green card is a nice bonus to keep you together, but that’s it.  Still, the authorities may not […]

A plea bargain is extra risky for immigrants facing charges

The U.S. criminal justice system often doesn’t send people accused of crimes to trial. Prosecutors often push plea bargains to ensure a high conviction rate and reduce court costs. To those facing serious criminal charges, pleading guilty to a reduced charge that offers lower penalties can seem very tempting. However, plea bargains carry with them […]