Maintaining your professionalism despite an EEOC complaint

When your background and cultural beliefs vary from the majority of your coworkers in Colorado, you may always feel a little unsettled about how you will be perceived and accepted by others. At Ted Hess & Associates, LLC, we are experienced in advocating for immigrants and their rights in the workplace. If you have felt the disappointment and unprofessionalism of people mistreating you at work because of your cultural differences, you should immediately file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Your employer should have a way for you to do so confidentially to minimize the attention that is drawn to your situation, especially if you anticipate retaining your job throughout the process of filing a complaint. A challenge you may face is being able to maintain your own professionalism and confidence in the workplace when you know that you have filed a complaint. Career Trend suggests that you not tell your coworkers about what has transpired. Even if you feel there are others who would petition alongside you in favor of your complaint, do not get them involved or request their support. If people approach you with questions about your complaint and what it was about, tactfully refer them to the human resources department for further information. Your behavior throughout the process of filing a complaint with the EEOC can support your case and help you maintain confidence and professionalism in your career. When handled appropriately, you can maintain a good relationship with your employer as well. For more information, if you have been discriminated against at work, visit our web page.

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