Reducing the risks of employment discrimination

Employment discrimination can happen to anyone and in any workplace. The key to preventing misconduct from happening at all is for companies to implement concise policies that are designed to encourage unity, respect and professionalism.  If people feel discriminated against at all, they should have a comfortable and safe way to voice their concerns to someone who will be able to immediately address the problem.  Preventing discrimination from happening  According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, businesses should provide training sessions designed to educate and inform their employees about the dangers of discrimination, as well as what to watch for and how to report concerns. This training can be done during the hiring process and should be reviewed regularly to make adjustments as needed.  Companies should encourage appropriate humor and interactions between their employees and discuss the importance of professionalism. Reminders of a company’s expectations and the consequences of discrimination should be visible and accessible to workers.  Consistency is key  Once a company implements adequate guidelines for discrimination prevention, as well as consequences for misconduct, they need to know how to make their efforts effective. Chron reminds businesses that if they recognize misconduct, they should take action immediately. This action should be consistent each time any discriminatory behavior is noticed.  Organizations that neglect to implement their policies or are inconsistent in the way they punish people who do not comply, send the message that they do not really care. Workers who feel at risk or are mistreated should know that their safety and comfort are valued and should be informed of the solutions that are being implemented to prevent further mistreatment. 

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