Discussion Points for Punto Legal –January 16, 2019

Discussion Points for Punto Legal –January 16, 2019


1. Special Guest.

Today we have a special guest, who had a bad experience with a notoria in Glenwood Springs. She wants to use her experience to warn others regarding the notaria. Crystal is going to help our guest tell her story.

2. Immigration Court Shut-Down.

Since the beginning of the federal government shutdown, most Immigration Court hearings have been cancelled. As of January 11, the estimated number of cancellations reached 42,726. Each week the shutdown continues, cancelled hearings will likely grow by another 20,000. As many as 100,000 individuals awaiting their day in court may be impacted if the shutdown continues through the end of January. It could add another three or four years to the wait for immigrants who are on her docket before their hearing can be rescheduled.

3. Criminal Practice at Ted Hess & Associates.

We have a criminal defense attorney who speaks Spanish! His name is Sam Crary. Sam is busy in the criminal cases in Eagle County and Glenwood Springs. He is handling a variety of criminal cases from DUI cases to sexual assault cases. He also understands immigration law. Now, you don’t have hire an American attorney-who can’t speak Spanish and does not understand immigration law. You can hire a criminal defense attorney who will (1) defend you in court, (2) know immigration law and (3) explain everything in Spanish.

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