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Does Your Employer Owe You Money For Overtime?

You should be paid for every single hour that you work. In fact, you have the right to be paid for every hour you work and you have the right to be paid extra for overtime hours.

You should receive time-and-one-half your regular rate every time you work more than 40 hours in a week. Unfortunately, a lot of employers in resort industries cheat workers out of overtime. This is called wage theft.

We know it is intimidating to talk to an attorney about your job. Your boss can’t fire you for calling us. Call 970-945-5300 now to reach Ted Hess & Associates, LLC, to learn how to get your overtime pay and more. Our law office is in Glenwood Springs, and we help workers throughout Western Colorado.

Overtime violations generally happen in one of two ways. Your boss might simply be forcing you to work overtime and refusing to pay you for it, or you might be receiving a salary when you should be paid hourly.

If you think you are being shortchanged on overtime pay, we can help. Our lawyers have more than 50 years of combined experience, and we know how to recover lost overtime pay and additional compensation for workers.

A Special Focus On The Rights Of Latino Workers

Ted Hess & Associates, LLC, is a full-service law firm that focuses on the needs of the Latino community. We know you might be worried about complaining about your wages. Talking to our law firm about your wages will not hurt your immigration path.

We are immigration attorneys and employment law attorneys. We will protect your immigration rights and your paycheck at the same time.

Call An Overtime Violations Attorney

Call 970-945-5300 or fill out this form to talk about your overtime problem with one of our employment law attorneys. We will keep this conversation confidential — you do not need to worry that your employer will retaliate against you.

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