Could you lose your green card?

It takes a lot of hard work to get a US green card. Over the last four years, there have been attempts to make immigration harder. While some have failed, getting another green card will be hard if you lose yours. Once you get one, you need to avoid doing anything which could cause the authorities to take it away from you.  These are some of the reasons you could lose your green card and permanent residence status:
  • Being convicted of a crime: If you do not abide by the laws, the immigration agencies may try to remove you from the country. Some crimes are big enough on their own. A combination of smaller convictions could also lead to them trying to deport you.
  • Staying out of the US for too long: To be considered a resident, you need to live here. There may not be many jobs around now, but heading home could cost you your green card. It does not mean you cannot visit your home country. However, you should avoid doing anything like taking your kids out of school that could make the authorities think you no longer intend to live here.
  • Not filling out tax forms: In the authority’s eyes, there are two reasons you have not filed a tax return. You are trying to avoid paying taxes. Or you no longer consider yourself resident here. Both will lead to problems.
  • Not renewing on time: Most green cards need renewing. If you are not sure when yours runs out, check.
Do not put off dealing with immigration issues. If you have any doubts, seek legal help. Putting it off could put your future and that of your family at stake.

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