Dealing with discrimination as an immigrant

Discrimination is always tough, regardless of the reason why one faces mistreatment at work and the unique details of their circumstances (such as divorce, financial hardships and other challenges in life). However, it is important to draw attention to situations when discrimination becomes especially problematic. For example, those who recently immigrated to the U.S. and even those who have been living in the country as an immigrant for many years are often hit especially hard by discrimination. Some are afraid to speak out, while others are impacted even more because of difficulty adjusting to life in a new country and other stressors.  Unfortunately, many immigrants are especially likely to experience discrimination at work. Some are treated unfairly because of their national origin or ethnicity, while others experience discrimination on the basis of their religious beliefs. There are many other types of discrimination that immigrant workers encounter, such as unlawful treatment on the basis of their age or gender, but these are especially problematic.  Immigrants need to have a solid understanding of their legal rights and they need to take a firm stand against any unlawful treatment they encounter in the workplace (including other employment law violations, such as unpaid overtime, an employer’s failure to pay wages or abide by minimum wage regulations, etc.). Unfortunately, immigrants are particularly likely to run into some of these problems at their place of work and it is incredibly hard for many to work through these challenges. Anxiety, depression, financial concerns and other difficulties are not uncommon. Head to our discrimination page to read more on unlawful discrimination. 

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