Finally, some good news if you are from Venezuela

The last few years have been challenging if you are from Venezuela. You watched as your once-prosperous country descended into turmoil and poverty. Although you managed to get out, you probably left family members behind. To top it all, you have been living in uncertainty about your right to stay in the U.S. Fortunately, that may soon change. 

U.S. government offers temporary protected status to Venezuelans

The new U.S. administration has announced it will provide the temporary protected status (TPS) to Venezuelans. They estimate around 320,000 people will be able to take advantage of this. If you wish to apply, there are several conditions you must meet: 
  • You must already be in the U.S.: The change only applies to people already here. If you were hoping to bring family across, it does not help them.
  • You must apply within 180 days: The cut-off date is the September 5 of this year.
  • You must pay a fee: Those under 14 and over 65 pay less.
  • A criminal record could bar you from applying for temporary protected status: If a court convicts you of criminal charges, you may be unable to apply for a TPS. One felony or two misdemeanors in your time here in the United States may be all it takes.
If you are arrested and accused of any offense, you should seek legal help. The U.S. legal process can be confusing, as can the immigration system. Trying to navigate them alone makes it more likely you will fail and could face deportation. A TPS can help you stay in the country in safety. It lets you apply for the right to work. Based on Venezuela’s current situation, it is too good to miss out on. 

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