What to expect when adjusting your immigration status

Dealing with immigration issues can be a very scary and difficult process. It is something that people normally do with help from an experienced attorney. Even changing your immigration status from temporary to permanent can be very hard for many people. The forms are often confusing and unclear about the information that the immigration office requires you to provide. Fortunately, an immigration lawyer in the Glenwood Springs area can help get you through the process to adjust your residency status. Your immigration lawyer will be able to walk you through the steps and ensure you submit all the correct documents. If you are going to start the “adjustment of status” process, read further for information on what you can expect. Determining your immigration category When you begin the status adjustment process, it is important to know what immigrant category you belong to. Usually, a family member or an employer has to file a petition for you to help you qualify for a green card. Some immigrants can become permanent residents if they enter the United States as official refugees or asylum seekers. Your immigration attorney can help you decide which group you belong to. Filing a petition for immigration status Once you know which category you belong in, someone can file an immigration petition for your temporary residency status. For example, if you have a family member that is a permanent U.S. resident or citizen, that person can file a petition as a relative. If your employer is going to file a petition, then he or she must file for your status as a worker. These petitions will get you temporary residency status. In order to adjust your status from temporary to permanent, you will have to file an additional form. Filing for permanent residency If you meet the visa requirements in your category, you may be able to file for permanent residency. The form for permanent residency is very complex. Each category, relative, worker or refugee, has its own set of special requirements. If you do not fill out the form correctly, or do not provide the correct documents, the immigration office might delay your application or even reject it. Changing an immigration status in the Unites States can be a complicated and difficult process. In order to make sure that your documents are correct, you should seek the advice of an immigration attorney in the Glenwood Springs area.

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