It is now easier to bring relatives to U.S.

Going through the process to come to the U.S. and make your home in Colorado may have taken some time. The paperwork alone is a lot to get through. However, you probably feel that it has been well worth it. Now, you want to bring your family members here to live, too. Recently, the government has made this process a little easier.  The Miami Herald explains that changes to the immigration system make filing the paperwork to bring a relative into the country simpler. You can now use an electronic process to file Form I-130. This platform is available on a computer, tablet or cellphone.  How to file online  You start the process by creating an account in the system. You then can fill out the form and submit any information you need through this electronic system. The form is also easier to use in this format because it puts questions together that cover the same topics. This also makes it faster to fill out.  You may use the system to check the status of the application or to make any changes you may need to your personal information. After filing the form and any other supporting documents, your relative must wait for a visa to become available.  Who you can help  You can only bring certain relatives into the country once you establish citizenship or residency. If you are a citizen, you can bring your spouse or children into the country. If you are over the age of 21, you can bring your siblings and parents as well. If you are a resident, you can only bring your spouse or unmarried children.  Reuniting with your family in the U.S. is something to look forward to, and now that it is easier than ever to get the process started, you may be able to see your loved ones sooner and make your home complete. 

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