When a DUI leads to immigration issues

For any driver, DUI charges are incredibly overwhelming and turn life upside down in many ways. Financial problems, anxiety, the loss of driving privileges and time behind bars becomes a reality for many people who find themselves in this position. However, we recognize that some people have an especially difficult time in the wake of a DUI case. For example, those who have overstayed a visa or are accused of some other immigration-related offense find themselves in a very difficult position when a drunk driving case comes up. Some worry about deportation or other negative consequences related to their immigration status.  In fact, when a law enforcement official pulls someone over for suspected driving, it is possible that an immigrant will face these charges even if they were completely sober. DUI checkpoints become especially widespread during certain times and many people are pulled over by a law enforcement official who thinks they are under the influence even though they are not. It is imperative for people who are stopped for DUI to know their legal rights, especially if they are an immigrant or have concerns about their status.  Drunk driving charges often make life harder for immigrants, especially if they do not handle their case properly and lack a solid understanding of their rights. We discuss many other issues related to both drunk driving and immigration-related offenses on our blog, and when these issues arise at the same time, it is imperative for people facing charges to pore over the details of their circumstances closely. Visit our DUI page to read more. 

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